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The consumer segmentation process consists of the following steps: Selection of segmentation criteria; Search for segments and market niche; Description of segments and market niche; Segment size estimation; Segment potential assessment; Setting goals for the segment; Identification of the key needs of the target segment; Definition of positioning strategy; Development of a marketing plan for selected segments. As you can see, the segmentation process is inextricably linked to the future positioning of the product, as well as the direction of your company’s marketing activities, which is of great importance when selling to end consumers. Once you have identified a segment.

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Be sure to evaluate it according to the following parameters. Segment volume. He must earn money for the company, a segment that is too small in number will not be able to do this; The possibility of expanding the segment; Segment availability (availability of sales and promotion channels). Ways Thailand Phone Number List and techniques of sales in the B2C market fanscore France with large address pool! You can sell goods on the retail market using one of the following technologies: physical stores . These are standard outlets. They can be large and small in area, take the form of shopping centers or stalls; Selling on the Internet . This method includes implementation through online stores , ad sites or other resources; Sales via telephone or telemarketing .

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Calling customers to sell a product. As a rule, they are carried out by account managers using a sales script ; Markets and mobile points of sale . In addition, here you must determine for SA CEO yourself the intensity of the distribution. There are three types of distribution intensity: Intensive distribution – the use of the largest possible number of outlets. Allows you to ensure the availability of your product to consumers. Of the minuses, one can single out the loss of control over sales and marketing; Selective distribution – a limited number of potential traders.

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