There is no special subject to teach “housekeeping”, a basic life education that requires skills and guidance

In this way, not only the children can quickly adapt to the group life, but also can establish a complete independent morality for the children as early as possible. The Japanese attitude towards “little things” has made the Japanese businessmen pay attention to the subtleties. Kao Taiwan has entered the sixth year of “cleaning education for children”. Every year, more than 500 elementary schools sign up, and 200 colleagues of all ranks serve as volunteers; from general managers, vice presidents to grass-roots employees, they use the In the morning before, I personally visited the elementary school where Kao Enterprise is located.


In Taiwan’s primary school education

There is no special subject Namibia Phone Number to teach “housekeeping”, a basic life education that requires skills and guidance. Since 2011, Kao has upheld. The responsibility of a social enterprise and led many colleagues to visit various primary. Schools in person to promote “children”. “Cleaning and Safety Education” and acted as an ambassador for cleaning. Education . A series of lively and self-made lesson plans. Such as “Smile Housework Dance”,  In addition to encouraging children to participate and making housework fun and fun, it also provides more opportunities for interaction between teachers, students and parents and children. It seems that no one told us since childhood that we should twist the rag with one hand up and one hand down. Twist the rag in a vertical way to out the moisture and not  the sleeves wet. When wiping the table,.First fold the rag into the size of the palm of your hand. And follow the steps like .II is to wipe the direction of the electronic .Arabic numeral 2 in sequence. etc.


In fact, there are many details in

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The simple housework process that need to  paid attention to. In addition to learning basic family education from the life experience of getting along with adults, Kao also contributes to the society with its corporate expertise. In 2011, Kao cooperated with Jingjuan Children’s Safety Culture and Education Foundation to continue to promote “cleaning smartly”. “Safe and Safe” children’s cleaning education, which cultivates children’s attitude of seeing and knowing from an early age. In 2013, the National and Preschool Education Department of the Ministry of Education served as the guiding unit to promote clean housework education to more schools. Freshman 3 Colleagues in Kao Company used the morning time before going to work to personally visit elementary schools where Kao companies are located as volunteers, and are committed to promoting children’s cleaning education. Yang Fuqiang, who works as a purchaser at Kao in Taiwan, is a father of two children. When the company promotes children’s cleaning education public welfare activities, he always feels that this mission must be done well. Hold the broom as a fulcrum,

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