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On the evening of November 14, 2021, a violent conflict occurred at the Soroka Medical Center  in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba . Two young men from the Bedouin family clashed at the entrance of the medical center. Not only did they physically clash, but they also threw stones at each other.

The Whole Incident Lasted for About an Hour

Causing Four people were injured Slovenia Phone Number and taken to the hospital, and Israeli police who were called to the scene eventually brought 19 people back for questioning. Twitter commentary: Israeli police rush to Soroka Medical Center where clashes broke out The conflict occurred between two Bedouin families from the neighboring city of Rahat. The conflict between the two families mainly originated at the end of 2018. A member of one of the families was assassinated.  A member of the other family. After the incident,

The Conflict Between the Two Families Continued

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And at one point it was so severe that one of the families moved to the town of Hura; this time before the conflict at the Soroka Medical Center, the two families actually tried to coordinate through an intermediary, but not only did they fail to mediate. , and turned into violent conflict. The Soroka Medical Center, where the conflict broke out, is the largest medical center in southern Israel. It is located on the main road of the southern city of Beersheba. Although the incident happened at around 9 pm. There were still people and vehicles flowing at the entrance of the hospital and nearby areas. ,

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