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In recent years, the awareness of being friendly to the earth has risen, and we are more and more. Concerned about whether the daily necessities that are closely related to us. In addition to being safe and non-toxic, can also contribute to the sustainable development of the earth. In other words, the discussion and practice of food safety or environmental protection issues. Has been elevated from “consumers can use it with peace of mind” to “reduce harm to the environment during production”. Such a progressive awareness of the earth’s inhabitants is not only due to our greatly improved. Sensitivity and acceptance of environmental information, but also thanks to many companies. With a sense of mission. Who are willing to join in the actions to assist the sustainable development of the earth.

Because futong garden

Has seen how chemical pesticides. And fertilizers exploit our land. And even form environmental hormones, causing harm to the human body. This is why futong garden is willin.  To use the oldest and slowest Lithuania Phone Number natural farming method that can coexist peacefully with the earth. And cooperate with local small farmers in taitung to grow herbs. This year, the whole family has further added the natural herbs of futong garden to the dishes. And the aroma is accompanied by the delicious taste.

In addition to

Promoting natural farming methods, futong garden also has a fair sales system, hoping to help farmers join the ranks of land restoration through reasonable economic distribution, so that farmers are willing to plant adaptively based on the conditions of the land itself. Slowly but surely, we can create and restore the diversity of our land; at the same time, take care of the land and small farmers, so that the environment can develop sustainably. This is the direction of futong garden’s continuous efforts.from now on , use futong garden herbs to decorate your lifea company that also cares about environmental sustainability is also the “whole family” of your family.


Lithuania Phone Number

For a long time, the whole family has been actively using the power of channels, spared no effort to show social value, and promote the incarnation of all taiwan stores into a green consumption platform. This year, we have cooperated with futong garden to jointly develop our own brand of land-friendly bath products, using natural and organic left-hand incense as raw materials, including “zuo-hand sweet orange essential oil shampoo”, “zuo-hand sweet orange essential oil shower gel”, “left-hand sweet orange essential oil hand wash”, and “left-hand sweet orange essential oil travel group”. The washing feeling is refreshing, natural, and non-irritating, which is really suitable for the whole family to use.

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