The Demon Sword and the Heavenly Sword” book review: Betrayal is a condition of human nature, and it is impossible to easily distinguish who is right and who is evil

The English-language film “Beyond The Edge” (Beyond The Edge). produced in Russia is a complex work, very interesting, first of all. It starts with a buddy who has been lurking in the casino for 3 months and set up a shocking and meticulous game. And is about to succeed. On the occasio. Everything was suddenly taken away. At first glance, it was an old gamble film such as “God of Gamblers”, “Gambler”, “Old Thousand: One-Eyed Jack” and “Thousand Kings New Century”. But when the male protagonist is investigating who has set up a plot to harm him, he suddenly discovers that there are supernatural beings in the world.

He gathered four people, whose abilities are object movement,

electronic equipment operation, consciousness control and mind communication, and went to the casino to make a fortune. Although this part is still a casino. It has been transferred to the category of superpower films, especially Panama Phone Number the setting of the use of superpowers. Which is very worth pondering. Superpowers need to enter the common world of the human subconscious. Which is a seemingly endless mountain range with countless doors lined up on it. And the methods they use are also different. For example, the ability to control. Consciousness is in the indoor environment of Ruruo mental hospital, facing an ice man in front of him. Pressing his face with his hand; electronic ability is in the space of thick clouds and lightning. Touching and dismantling The electronic parts of the machine;

There is also a sense of fantasy here, like Sergey

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Lukianenko’s “Ranger” series, which explores the world to gain power. Or Brandon Sanderson’s “Stormlight Tome” series. Chan Jun They move and interact in the realm of consciousness (the realm), the realm of the entity. And the realm of the soul. In the end, the male protagonist of “God Layout”, who was originally an ordinary person, was also looking for the door to his own abilities in the mountains, and even had to sneak into the heroine’s spiritual universe, constantly changing the environment, and rescuing her, who was trapped in the inner world due to mental trauma. , and then there is “Inception” directed by Chirstopher Nolan. Reading “Demon Sword and Heavenly Sword” is like watching “God’s Layout”.

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