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In fact. everyone knows some manager or coordinator who doesn’t exercise leadership in the best way. So what makes a good leader? What sets you apart from other professionals? The figure of a leader naturally carries a great deal of weight. inspiring respect and. in some cases. fear in other people. However. a good person is that person who can transform that feeling into admiration and inspiration. He or she never performs his or her role to be feared and to oppress others. This authoritarian leadership profile has lost its popularity in recent years. giving way to a figure that seeks to aggregate and motivate teams. making everyone work together to achieve the company’s success.

This ensures more quality of life in the work environment . increases employee motivation and. consequently. the overall productivity of the team. And don’t think that only those at the top of the corporate hierarchy can lead. Even in a group of employees at the same hierarchical level. we can see someone standing out as a leader. motivating. leading and inspiring others. But for that. it is necessary that the person has the characteristics of a leader. Do you know what they are? That’s what we’ll see next. What are the characteristics of a leader? As we explained. to exercise leadership in a healthy way. it is necessary to have a certain profile.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Follow along and discover nine characteristics of an exemplary leader! characteristics of an exemplary leader 1. Opening to the new You can’t talk about Estonia Phone Numbers without talking about innovation. right? It may seem basic. but being open to new ideas and alternative solutions is paramount to being a good leader—and that’s more work than it might seem in theory. New ideas almost always represent risks. Some risks are high. others negligible. But either way. they are still essentially risks. Therefore. being open to new ideas also means having the courage to face the unknown and often unpredictable.

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However. as we have already started saying. having innovative ideas is practically a requirement for those who want to undertake. But don’t worry: innovating doesn’t necessarily mean creating something totally new or discovering an unprecedented market to be explored. Innovation is also in the details: in improving a process. in a creative and different way of doing advertising. etc. The important thing is to always look for and explore new ways to improve a job or product. which is one of the characteristics of an exemplary leader. 2. Emotional balance Dealing with everyday adversity with emotional intelligence is probably one of the biggest challenges for any individual.

Social Tact Is Another

For those who decide to undertake. this is an even more evident need. After all. when you are solely responsible for your professional development. having emotional balance is even more important. For this reason. emotional intelligence is one of the characteristics of a leader expected of every entrepreneur. And that includes being able to stay focused even on days of stress. discouragement. sadness and fatigue. So that these mood swings do not harm your work. you should always take care of your health (physical and mental). setting aside time for rest. leisure and activities that are good for you. (Here on the blog. we have a full post on how to motivate yourself . Be sure to check that out too.)

It is important to be aware that we are all subject to problems and unforeseen events that can affect our emotional state. However. as a leader’s work tends to influence a considerable number of people. the ideal thing is that he learns to recognize his emotional changes and not allow them to harm his professional side. 3. Self-knowledge Knowing yourself is the first step to a good leader. After all. the first person he should guide and guide is himself so that. in this way. he becomes a model to be followed by others. Self – knowledge presupposes reflecting and knowing your own limits. knowing how to communicate when something is out of line.

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