Reverse Phone Number Listings – Why Choose a Paid Service Over a Free Service

These days, a large number of people look for reverse number search services because of the need to find out details of people owning particular phone Brazil business phone list have included here 1 million business phone/mobile number numbers. This is the reason why reverse phone number listings services are so popular today. Reverse phone listings can be obtained from quite a number of places. The web is the first place where people go to obtain information on telephone numbers because it offers a fast and convenient service.

However, there is not just a single place on the internet where information on phone numbers can be obtained. There are places such as search engines and reverse number lookup tools that can be used, but the type of information you get will greatly vary. If the person whose number you are trying to reverse search has posted his information on the internet, then only you will be lucky to obtain his information with the use of search engines. Otherwise, you have to make use a reverse number lookup directory.

There are two types of reverse lookup directories. Firstly, you have the free directory and then you have the paid one. Here are the reasons why a paid directory is better than a free one.

1. A free directory will provide only the name and address of the owner of the number whereas a paid one will provide a much detailed report including information about his family, employment, previous addresses, phone carrier name, criminal history, other phone number that he owns, satellite map of his location and so on.

2. A free directory is hardly updated and chances are that you will receive inaccurate information whereas a paid lookup directory updates their information frequently so they can provide their members with accurate and the most recent information.

3. A free reverse search directory does not offer information on cellular numbers. It only covers landline numbers that is listed. With the use of a paid service, you will even get information on cellular numbers, pager numbers and fax numbers.

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