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Publications and, although you do not lose sight of your numbers to know what works best, focus on the added value that you generate and not so much in getting frustrated by a matter of numbers. Be patient. 3# create a relationship of trust with your followers your followers are your community, your virtual family . Respond to their comments, worry about giving them feedback and value their interactions. We all like to feel valued, especially by those we admire and to whom we dedicate our time. 4# get inspired by other influencers it is not about copying what others do, but about seeing what others are doing to generate your own ideas. In fact, we recommend that you

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Give rise to the usual Nigeria phone number collaborations between content creators, from which both parties will benefit. 5 # be constant if you intend to release daily content, commit to the cause. An influencer is a brand and should behave as such, taking into account that the public comes and goes. It’s better to be realistic about how far you can go than to give it your all the first month, get frustrated, and end up giving it up. If you keep these tips in mind, you can already take your first steps towards becoming the next influencer everyone is talking about. But remember: try not to get obsessed and enjoy what you achieve day by day. What do you think of the post what are your favorite influencers ? We look forward to your feedback! If you are fascinated by the world of social networks,

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For instance, Out about the master in community management: company 4.0 and social networks , with which you can become the professional demanded by companies that have opted for digital transformation thanks to the planning, design, execution and development of irreproachable strategic plans, something that you will delve into in a highly practical training, For instance, guided by active experts who know the weight of networks in 4.0 companies. Master in community management: company 4.0 and social networks become the voice of companies in social networks I’m interested! 128 4 comments david molina journalist specialized in writing and social media. Department of marketing and communication of iebs

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