Personalization and Responsiveness

Indeed, it is undeniable that a nourished lead is more likely to convert: “68% of customers are more confident after being nourished with content from a brand.” (iMedia Connection).On the other hand, if you come back to your leads three weeks after their first contact, it’s a safe bet that they will have forgotten you. In order to maximize your chances, it is therefore essential to be very responsive and ideally to respond within 24 hours to any Norway WhatsApp Number List first incoming request. Then, regarding the frequency of sending content to your leads, it is important to find a balance between regular but not too frequent reminders at the risk of tiring your audience and giving the impression of spamming them.

Personalization is also a key point. Indeed, a lead who notices that he is just another name in an email database will have a much less positive image than one who realizes that you have taken the time to really adapt your message to his profile, needs and expectations. Obviously, doing it on a case-by-case basis is very complicated. This is why we previously recommended that you categorize your database very precisely. You will be able to opt for automation, while personalizing each of your messages .

Clear definition of roles between marketing and sales teams

One of the peculiarities of lead management is that it concerns both the marketing team and the salespeople . Obviously, each company has its own internal structure and does not transfer leads from one team to another at the time of the purchase journey. Either way, it is really important to clearly define the roles within and between the two teams , in order to offer your leads and then your clients a uniform and coherent discourse. This point is often overlooked, yet the positive consequences, if it is respected, are enormous. Indeed ” Companies whose marketing and sales teams are complementary retain 36% more customers.” (MarketingProfs) and”The complementarity of the Marketing and Sales teams can triple growth.” (Bulldog Solutions).

In summary, if you decide to opt for lead management, it is essential to put in place a strategy respecting a certain timeline. The notable advantages are: more consistency, an increase in sales and in the number of customers. It will also allow you to retain your old customers, or even encourage them to spend more than they did before. Are you interested in implementing this type of strategy but don’t know where to start? Contact our experts without further delay! Force Plus has supported its clients for more than 35 years in their strategy of lead generation , prospecting and improvement of the customer relationship.

What are the advantages for clients of outsourcing their lead management strategy?

Benefit # 4: Faster Lead Processing
One of the crucial points of lead management is the speed and relevance at which leads are processed. Indeed, if we wait too long to process the leads (beyond 24 hours), they can be permanently lost. The logic is the same for project detection. It’s not just about responding to all leads as quickly as possible. It is also necessary to carefully analyze their request in order to detect potential projects. Thus, outsourcing your lead management strategy not only makes it possible to be available over a wider period of time, but also to be focused on a single task: responding to and managing leads. Any company that chooses to outsource its lead management strategy thus gains in precision and speed.

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