Paul O’dea: Find New Customers

The business growth specialist. Last week, we broached the question of the sweet spot. This ideal customer profile needs to be focused on in order to grow optimally. This week Paul answers a very important question regarding business growth. How to find new customers? It is indeed impossible to grow with a finite customer base. It is, therefore, necessary to always be on the lookout for new business opportunities. Find the answer to this question in the video below, or in the summary below the video. How to find new customers? The question of new USA WhatsApp Number List customers is very often raised for medium-sized companies. In general, it is the founders of the company and the management team who initially conquer the first customers.

The business is trying to expand by hiring new salespeople or new members of the marketing team. All types of profiles are not necessarily in line with the company’s strategy. The biggest challenge is to come up with a sales model that is able to expand endlessly. This always works regardless of the size of the business. This is the only way that new opportunities always present themselves! To do this, Paul notes three fundamental axes: Clarify the value proposition It often happens that the value proposition is embodied by the founder of the company. This may not necessarily be fully understood by all employees in the company; however, employees the value proposition of the company are not able to convey it to customers. This value proposition should be easy for employees to understand, and also for prospects, so it stands out on its own.

Understand the buying journey

It is necessary to have an intimate understanding of the buying journey that will take prospects from the moment they do not know the company until their first order. This journey is different for all businesses. It is essential to do this work of self-examination individually. Some may gain more customers through their website, others through phone campaigns, etc. Either way, it is possible to identify steps that are repeated almost every time. It will then be possible to optimize so that employees can implement them. All this without calling on the founder or the management of the company.

Recruit sales representatives in agreement with the company Finally, we must define the profile of the ideal salesperson for the company. This is often a difficult and long step, as it may be that the profile determined initially is not in fact the right one. It is only after several tries, in most cases, that the desired profile will be correctly adjusted. So this is the end of our special growth series. Many thanks to Paul O’Dea for giving us these interviews. We hope they have helped you in your own growth. To stay up to date with upcoming specials and articles, subscribe to our newsletter.

Until then, happy new year 2017 and see you soon!

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SEO optimization (natural referencing on search engines), social networks, lead generation by email but also more traditional telephone prospecting techniques are often considered great sources of lead generation. Learning how to tap into these opportunities will ultimately lead to lower marketing costs and increased return on investment (ROI) from your marketing campaigns.

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