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No mercy in marketing: Samsung strikes where Huawei hurts the most

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No mercy in marketing: Samsung strikes where Huawei hurts the most

When analyzing the problems that Huawei is having in different countries of the world, especially in the United States, a key fact must be mentioned: beyond manufacturing smartphones, the Chinese giant is the largest player in the growing market for network equipment Vietnam Phone Numbers telecommunications of the world. Indeed, what scares Donald Trump’s country the most is China’s technology behind the telephone sets. It is a silent “war” of network kits, protocols and certificates that is not seen, but that lies behind all this conflict. Today, according to Ovum , Huawei has 30.1% of this market, surpassing the former leaders, Nokia and Ericcson, which hold 22.2% and 26.4% respectively.

Further behind is ZTE (12.5%) and a well-known player : Samsung , a player that, for now, only participates with just 7.1%. But the South Korean company, a leader in the phone market, wants to take advantage (like Ericcson and Nokia) that Huawei is with low defenses and that is why it is investing more and more resources in the development of telecommunications network equipment. According to Reuters , “in order to take advantage of the security fears that hamper Huawei, Samsung is transferring high-performance managers and numerous employees to the network division, from its smartphone units.” With the “troubled river” by the discussions of the Chinese Huawei for the security of their networks, Samsung wants to reinvent itself as a first level provider for 5G wireless networks and close the great gap that today separates it from the leader and the big players Nordic.

One of the first clues to this advance can be seen in Japan, where Samsung is testing its technology on the 5G networks of the French company Orange, a company present in 27 markets that until now has Huawei as its main equipment supplier. An important piece of information that marks the national interest in Samsung’s progress in this business is the visit Phone Number List of South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon to the network division of the Korean company in January. There, according to Reuters, Samsung’s heir Jay Y. Lee asked the government for help in getting high-level engineers. Huawei’s problems are big. For many months now, it has been trying to hold its own against accusations from the United States and some other Western countries that its networking equipment could allow Chinese espionage. In fact, several no longer want their presence on 5G networks.

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