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Neuromarketing: All You Need to Know

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Neuromarketing: All You Need to Know

Francis Crick , the famous English biologist and Nobel laureate, had the astonishing hypothesis that all human feelings, thoughts and actions – even consciousness itself – are but the products of neuronal activity in various areas of the brain. .

For marketers around the world, the promise that neurobiology can reduce the uncertainty and guesswork that traditionally hamper efforts to understand consumer behavior and psychology is a real revolution.


Sometimes called “consumer neuroscience”, is actually the application of cognitive neuroscience to marketing and communication. It aims to study the brain to predict and potentially even manipulate the behavior and decision-making of consumers, for example during the act of purchasing.

If neuromarketing was until recently considered an extravagant cutting-edge science, this discipline has seen its credibility strengthened in recent years by several studies that demonstrate its potential for creating value for Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List companies that still wish to refine their marketing strategies.

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But even as the relevance and validity of neuromarketing seem established today, marketers are still often puzzled on many points: Is neuromarketing profitable? What concrete results should he hope for? Are there reliable tools out of the box? How to include neuromarketing tools in a business marketing strategy? To answer these questions, marketers need to understand the range of techniques involved, how they are used in both academia and industry, and what possibilities they offer for the future.

Neuromarketing tools

“Neuromarketing” refers to the measurement of physiological and neuronal signals to better understand the motivations, preferences and decision-making process of customers, their consumption habits, etc. It can help inform businesses and their marketing teams in several key areas like advertising, product development, pricing, and more. Brain scanning, which measures neuronal activity, and physiological tracking, which measures eye movement in particular, are among the most common measurement methods.

The two main tools for scanning the brain are fMRI and EEG. The first (functional magnetic resonance imaging) uses strong magnetic fields to track changes in blood flow inside the brain. To use it, the subject must be in a machine that continuously takes measurements. An EEG (electroencephalogram) is able to read the activity of brain cells using sensors placed on the subject’s scalp. It can track changes in activity for fractions of a second, but still has trouble locating exactly where activity is occurring or measuring it in deep subcortical regions of the brain. FMRI can scan the brain in depth, but it is a cumbersome and therefore impractical tool. which is only able to track brain activity for a few seconds. In addition, fMRI-type machines are extremely expensive.

Eye tracking

Tools for measuring physiological indicators of brain activity tend to be more affordable and easier to use. Eye tracking, or Eye Tracking, can measure a subject’s attention, via the attachment points of the eyes, and the degree of excitement of the eyes, via the dilation of the pupils. Coding facial expressions, which involves reading the minute movements of facial muscles, can measure emotional reactions and responses, while heart rate, respiratory rate, and skin conductivity provide information on the level of arousal. a subject.

Interest in “consumer neuroscience,” or consumer neuroscience, took off in the mid-2000s, when researchers at some business schools began to demonstrate that advertising, branding, and other marketing tactics. marketing could have measurable impacts on the brain. In 2004, researchers at Emory University served Coca-Cola and Pepsi to subjects in an fMRI machine. When the drinks weren’t identified, the researchers noted a consistent neural response. But when subjects could see the mark, their limbic structures (areas of the brain associated with emotions, memory, and processing of the subconscious) showed increased activity,

A few years later, an INSEAD team led by Hilke Plassmann analyzed the brains of test subjects as they tasted three wines at different prices. Their brains registered the wines differently, with neural signatures indicating a preference for the more expensive wine. But, in reality, the three wines were identical.

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