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However, 90% of our consumers are passing through this place and this action will not interest them, and it will not help us resolve the issue with competitors; Activities of competitors in this area; The financial capabilities of the company; Purposes of the action. Determine for yourself each of these options. Determined? Then we move on to the types of shares. Discounts Discounts are the most popular and easiest way to promote sales . Buyers are happy to buy goods with red price tags. The more you lower the price, the more purchases you get. But be careful.

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Every percentage of the price hurts the margin of your products. Example. Let’s get back to the pies. We realized that the promotion with a gift was not for us and decided to apply a 10% discount on the entire range. Your markup per unit of production was 15% (2.7 rubles). That is, the Luxembourg Phone Number List┬ácost of production is 17.3 rubles. For the previous month, your profit was 313 rubles at a price of 20 rubles per unit. The volume of sales in the previous month amounted to 120 pies or 2,400 rubles. During the month of discounts, sales increased by 20% and amounted to 148 pies or 2,664 rubles. The margin of a pie for the period of the promotion was: 18-17.3 = 0.7 rubles.

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Let’s calculate the profit received for the month of the promotion: 0.7 * 148 = 103.6 rubles. Thus, thanks to discounts, we lost 209.4 rubles of profit with an increase in purchases by 20%. Make it a rule to carry out such calculations before introducing a discount system. Human psychology is arranged in such a USA CEO way that he practically does not notice a price reduction of less than 15%. Therefore, a discount of 5 or 10% will not lead to a significant increase in demand. Discount forms: Seasonal sales; Discounts for large volume purchases; Discounts in honor of a special occasion (customer’s birthday, store opening date, etc.

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