How to Monetize Your Travel Blog?

You may want to vary the type of offers you have, in order to maximize your content. For example, you can sell physical products related to your niche, services, or digital products such as related eBooks. Whatever your visitor is looking for in your niche will then be covered. 5. How to add an affiliate link to your website When you sign up for an affiliate program, either directly with the advertiser or through an affiliate network, you are assigned a tracking number or special name. This tracking ID will be part of a special URL link. Most merchants provide you with several types of links. The most common are text links and banners (display ads). Every website or blogging platform is different, but the basics are the same.

You will either need to place the provided HTML code into your html article or website, and / or use the platform’s tools to link text. Instructions for adding HTML and creating text links should be included in the platform’s help section. It seems more difficult than it is. Once you’ve done it a few times, you won’t think about it again. For a concrete example, create an account on Poland WhatsApp Number List and consult the products offered in affiliation. Your affiliate link will be displayed. I recommend using a link manager plugin if there is one for your specific platform. This makes it easy to generate an engaging link, which can be easily changed across your entire website by updating it just once. WordPress has plenty of options, both free ( ThirstyAffiliates ) and paid ( PrettyLinks ), depending on what features you need.

Less is more: Whether it’s text links, popups, or flashing banner ads,

you have to resist the urge to put them all over the place. You won’t make more money, and you probably will make less. Google hates it, your visitors hate it and you’ll end up hating it too. Promote a limited number of products or services in each article. Text links are the most effective. Banners should be used VERY sparingly. Most current browsers block them anyway. 6. How to increase your conversions (sales) Promote the products you have used, love and know inside and out. Show readers how you benefited and share the tips you learned. Demonstrate the product in a webinar or video, if you wish. Familiarity is heartwarming, even if the reader only lives through you vicariously to begin with. Even if you don’t personally introduce the product, consider creating a video, webinar, or podcast that introduces it.


Offer a related bonus, like an exclusive discount / discount, digital product or coaching session. Deep links allow you to choose any page on an advertiser’s website to promote and then create a personalized link with your Affiliate ID. This is an essential option for connecting directly to a certain product, but it has uses beyond that. For example, if the merchant’s platform offers deep links, drive traffic to their content (like a blog post). You’ll send people to their site by sharing a great resource and receive commissions for whatever they buy. Merchant content is designed to be converted and you can use it to your advantage. You CAN promote products that your expertise allows you to evaluate without actually using the article.

For example, if you are an appliance repair expert, you can easily look at the features

and specifications of the toaster to determine which models are the best. An accountant could easily select the best accounting software for small businesses without trying them all. You don’t have to use a product to recommend it, but you must be qualified to make that recommendation. Upselling and cross-selling of related products. The secret weapon to doing this is sales funnels, and mastering them is a key part of the success of many “super affiliates”. There are many tools that make it easy for anyone to create sales funnels. System io is a popular free choice because it offers so many funnel features that are easy to build and use.

Watch for great deals offered by merchants and share them with your followers. Check regularly for broken links. Successful affiliate marketing takes a lot of effort overall, but a lot of it ends up being quite passive. There really isn’t much of a learning curve and it’s easy to learn what you need to know. Once you have established an engaged audience, both on your website and in newsletter subscribers, it will become easier to earn more. Learn more about funnels / sales funnels: How to create an optimized sales funnel ? 7. Traffic is essential With a few exceptions, the more precisely targeted the traffic, the more money you will earn. Traffic volume is important, but it will only benefit you if the people who visit your website get what they are looking for.

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