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Marketing— known as an evolution of the marketing we know , since it uses traditional persuasion techniques combined with digital ones, but with a solid base: data from the consumption funnel of your brand, product or service. . In other words, instead of focusing on reaching an indiscriminate amount of cold public as possible, with Growth Marketing we also seek to obtain new customers, but with the difference that the goal is to retain them within your funnel , make them go through it and finally turn them into end customers to get the best possible Return on Investment (ROI). But everything does not end there, since Growth Marketing has the goal of retaining these clients and maintaining a lasting relationship over time through marketing techniques.

And it is that loyalty is one of the most important points of Growth

Since it not only promotes the growth of Kuwait Phone Number the Customer’s Lifetime Value in our brand —which means long-term income— but also the customers themselves become evangelists of your brand, which equals more new buyers. It is important to clarify that Growth Marketing usually confused with Growth Hacking; in advance we tell you that they are not opposites, but complementary. Next we will talk about their differences. Growth Marketing vs. Growth Hacking: Differences At first, both Growth Hacking and Growth Marketing may seem like the same terms . However, it is important to note that Hacking is an element of Growth Marketing , not a separate methodology.

Growth Hacking is characterized by experimentation  that is the

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Specialist in this branch —called Growth Hacker— has the task of constantly testing persuasion techniques that allow obtaining the highest possible ROI in the shortest time. This includes everything from brand messages, through the design of digital assets (website, mobile applications, etc.) with a focus on offering the best user experience, and advertising strategies that allow generating quality income in a short time. The goal is to find the most efficient growth strategies, so that Growth Marketing specialists can apply it within the phase of the funnel where it is most beneficial. Increases the chances of identification with your target audience.

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