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Some products are more profitable to sell. They are more expensive or a premium is set for their sale, there can be many different reasons. That is why sellers emphasize the sale of certain products in the range, making it difficult to cross-sell. Cross selling performance The effectiveness of cross-selling is quite high when implemented correctly. The reasons for the high efficiency of cross-selling lie in the following: Complementary product – a product with a high margin; The cost of an additional product is no more than 10-15% of the cost of the main product, although there are exceptions; We offer additional goods to everyone. Within reason, of course.

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You don’t have to offer hair ties to a bald man. To sell an additional product, we do not spend money on its promotion . Thus, the high efficiency of cross-selling is explained by the large scale of sales and the absence of additional costs. Understanding if your cross-sells are effective is simple. To do this, calculate the profit received from the sale of the additional product Algeria Phone Number List and subtract the costs of supporting the additional product (if any). What you get is your additional profit. But be careful. If sales of the main product have fallen with the introduction of cross-selling, analyze the possible reasons.

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Cross-selling occurs after the purchase of the main product has been agreed between the seller and the buyer, but in rare cases can be the reason for the rejection of the purchase. MENU SEARCH anycam USA CEO io AD «AnyCam» – software for viewing IP-cameras. Download app Auto camera parameters setup. Easy connection. Different record types. Try for free! Find out more home Marketing and Advertising What is cross-selling – types, effectiveness and methods of application Views: 34335 Comments: 2 01 Jun Hello! In this article, we will talk about cross-selling.

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