Failing to Plan Your Email List Building Is A Plan to Fail

The sad truth is that the information superhighway is riddled with the broken dreams of many would be internet marketers. They set out towards the big dream of working at home and making untold fortunes. Then Dubai Email List
they jumped from one magic bullet email list building or business building scheme to the next. None worked. Each new one made even more brazen promises than its recent predecessor.

Finally, cash strapped, burned out and frustrated, the would-be internet marketing millionaire gave up as fast as he jumped in. This story unfolds the same way every day for countless numbers of people.

By the way, you will notice I use the words email list building almost interchangeably with business building. The reason is simple. Email list building is the place to start and end as an internet marketer.

Even if your plan is simply to sell other people’s products, (affiliate marketing), email list building only means you get a second, third to an infinite number of chances to sell something else to that same person again.

The big time internet marketers, the ones who really do make serious riches online, know this. Even if they claim differently.

So when you set out on the road to internet marketing riches, start with email list building first. And make a plan. Not having a plan is a plan in and of itself. But it is a plan to fail.

The single biggest reason people fail is not for the reasons they think or you may think. They may say that this program does not work or that program does not work. But in reality, THEY don’t work.

The true success stories in this business, and in any business for that matter, are those who create a plan and follow it. Day in and day out they stick to the plan and work on their business. They do not deviate from their course toward anything incongruent with their plan.

The truth is nothing works and everything works. We are the ones who must work to make something work.

If you were travelling to a foreign country on a 6 month adventure to just travel, would you go without researching it? Would you go without a planned guide of what you will be doing in this time? Would you not bring a map? And then when you get there, would you throw all of the pre-planning away and do something completely different? Not if you ever wanted to be seen again.

But this is what people do when they set out to start a new business online to build an email list. They move from one thing to the next. When that does not work immediately, they are off to the next thing.

If you do this one thing right now for the next year, I bet you achieve more than you ever imagined. Even if you have been struggling for years.

And that one thing is create a plan and follow it through every day, day in and day out. Work on your plan. Work on your business.

If you are looking to build your email list through article marketing, for example, then write and publish one high quality article every other day. Don’t write 3 articles and then give up when nothing happens. Keep doing it until your business is making enough money to hire someone to do it for you.

Whatever your plan, follow through every day for a year and you will be thanking me. And remember, if you do not have a plan, that’s a plan too. But not the kind that will get you where you want to go

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