Examples of Successful Newsletters

The newsletter remains one of the most effective ways to connect your brand with its target audience, as this type of email can help build customer loyalty and even drive conversions.

Provided that your newsletter is engaging, interesting, and visually appealing. In the rest of this article, we’ve put together 20 successful newsletter examples and templates that you can use as inspiration for creating your own newsletter.

But before that, let’s take the time to detail what makes a good newsletter.

What is a good newsletter?

Before creating a newsletter, you should have in mind a few basic principles:

Set clear goals
We recommend that you have a clear purpose and message every time you design your newsletter. You will be able to segment your mailing list according to the objectives defined for certain groups, whether it is to generate awareness or increase Honduras WhatsApp Number List sales . Segmentation is important because it helps you send the most relevant content that correlates to where the user is in their shopping journey, and it promotes high open rates.

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Use sophisticated visuals
The design of your newsletter should be really eye-catching and captivating. The best newsletter examples, like the ones we’ll see, include high-quality illustrations, photos, or videos. Whichever you choose, the design of your newsletter should stand out.

Include a CTA
Incorporate a powerful call-to-action (CTA) button or link to a business page on your website in your newsletter. If you haven’t already, you absolutely need to build your own site, which will allow you to maximize your newsletter traffic, build your offer, and drive more conversions.

Adapt your newsletter to mobile format
Since most of the emails you are going to send will be read on a smartphone, you need to make sure that your newsletter is mobile-friendly. For example, readers will only be able to see the first 30 characters of your subject line when they open your newsletter on their cell phone. You will therefore have to write your text taking into account these space limitations.

Think with Google

If you work in the field of web marketing, surely you are already familiar with the Think With Google site, which offers a lot of articles and solutions on the most important trends in digital marketing. With their newsletter, you’ll be able to receive the most recent insights, research and trends straight to your inbox.

2-? Moz Top 10
Moz is a leading SEO marketing analytics tool. The Moz Top 10 is a bimonthly newsletter that shares with its subscribers the top 10 articles on SEO and online marketing. You can thus benefit from an exclusive digest of information which you do not always have time to research, but which you should read first.

3-? Practical Ecommerce
Launched in 2005, Practical E-Commerce is one of the most reputable daily e-commerce newsletters, perfect for entrepreneurs who want to grow and optimize their online business.

Their newsletters offer a summary of recently published articles, podcasts, and guides, making it easier for you to manage your reading choices.

4-? Polaroid

According to a recent study, 70% of customers don’t intend to buy a product until they see customer reviews. Polaroid, the famous camera brand, relies on the testimonials and opinions of its audience to deliver a colorful and effective newsletter.

This newsletter is a perfect example of how a brand can leverage customer reviews.

5-? Inside Design
Inside Design is undoubtedly one of the best newsletters devoted to graphic design, and we notice a certain taste for design from their registration page, sober and efficient. With its up-to-date and easy-to-read content, it’s the ideal newsletter for anyone interested in UX / UI.

6-? Marketing Dive
The promise of this newsletter dedicated to digital marketing and new trends and technologies is an email that can be read in less than 60 seconds. It is therefore fast and efficient. In addition, you are given the choice to receive the newsletter every day or only on Monday or Tuesday when registering.

7-? BPI France
If you are a young entrepreneur, you are bound to know BPI France, the Public Investment Bank. The greatest quality of this newsletter is to manage to condense a lot of information on a single page, using short descriptions which serve as a starting point. Its other strong point is the highlighting of their social networks at the top of the page.

8-? Hubspot
As you probably know, the HubSpot blog is a real gold mine. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you will be pleasantly surprised to see interactive elements, with fun and cool quizzes. Gamification is indeed one of the big design trends in emailing campaigns and newsletter sending in 2021, and it’s a great way to interact with recipients.

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a bit of a special newsletter, as it is generated based on the listening behavior of a given user, which makes each Spotify Wrapped newsletter unique and offers subscribers of the popular audio streaming app to listen to music again. outstanding titles from the past. This personal touch is excellent for retaining their customers.

10-? SaaS Weekly
The SaaS Weekly newsletter comes to the rescue of people who do not have enough time to observe and consume everything that is happening in the field of SaaS. SaaS Weekly gives you exactly what you need by selecting only the top 2 articles on the following topics: growth, marketing and sales, products and management.

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