This Means That Making Sure Your Jewelry Is Described Accurately

As for the content to be included on your site, let yourself be guided by your mission and the values ​​of your brand, and make sure you use the most appropriate tone of voice.

Selling jewelry online on Amazon is an excellent alternative to expose your products to a large number of people, but it also requires special precautions especially with regard to the descriptions.

Amazon requires that all ASINs in the Jewelery category meet Amazon’s Jewelery Quality Assurance Standards . This means that making sure your jewelry is described accurately and in accordance with these standards is of utmost importance, and it’s a step you really don’t want to take lightly.


Accordance With These Standards

Here are some of the product specification data that Amazon requires in order to sell jewelry online:

  • Type of material
  • Type of metal
  • Total weight of the metal
  • Gemstone type
  • Method of creating the stone
  • Stone processing method
  • Type of pearl
  • Ring size
  • Variant theme

Additionally, Amazon advises sellers who decide to sell jewelry on their platform to perform a jewelry quality check on their own.

Selling jewelry online using the power of social media is Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number undoubtedly an effective strategy, which does not necessarily have to replace other types of sales.

Almost all social platforms now offer extremely advanced shopping features, allow you to create a real online showcase and sell products directly within your posts and content.

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 Social Media A Step You Really Don’t

But at a time when social selling and social commerce are more powerful than ever, selling jewelry on social media isn’t just limited to exchanging products and money.

Selling on social media means getting in touch with your customers. Offering them content that has value, getting to know them and their needs. At the same time making your brand known.

Above all, selling jewelry on social networks means telling about your brand. Its values ​​and its objectives, offering a window on everything that happens behind the scenes. From the conception to the realization of the products so loved by your customers.

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