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Discounts for the purchase of a certain category of products. Discount on defective goods; Discount on “product of the day”; Discount when buying in an online store ; Refer a friend discount. Please note that the introduction of any discount must necessarily be tied to any occasion. If you simply lower your prices, the consumer will think about the quality of your product. It is discounts that tend to negatively affect the image of the organization when they are ineptly applied. Gifts for purchase Also a very popular type of action.

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You can give away both your products and the goods of your partners for the purchase. In the first case, you will again have to calculate the change in sales and profits so as not to go into the red. But the second option is very tempting. Find a partner company that needs to promote its product or Lithuania Phone Number List brand and  offer cooperation. Example. Since the idea of ​​discounts at our stall with pies failed, we decided to give gifts for the purchase. To do this, we agreed with the shop opposite that we would attract our customers to their outlet by issuing them a coupon for receiving free tea from them. The store agrees, since the likelihood that a visitor will buy any product from them by going in for free tea is very high.

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Types of promotion “gift for purchase”: The second product at the lowest price is free; Bonus from partners; Lottery; Discount card for purchase. Loyalty cards Almost everyone has several cards in their wallet from their favorite stores. They allow the buyer to benefit from shopping in this store. There USA CEO are the following forms of discount cards: Discount cards – provide the client with a fixed discount. It does not change during the use of this card. Aimed at retaining visitors, their binding to the outlet; Savings cards – often the amount of benefits depends on the total amount of the purchased goods in monetary terms.

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