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Data Storytelling: Why is it effective for brands?

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Data Storytelling: Why is it effective for brands?

Telling stories has become an increasingly recurring practice among brands thanks to how effective it has been, today, the firm One Spot highlights that up to 92 percent of consumers want brand ads to feel like stories. This implies that working in a “traditional” way with stories may no longer be effective as competition is greater, brands that want to stand Ukraine Phone Number List out now must look for more meaningful stories to resonate with their audiences, and therefore it is necessary to take things to the next level. The key to achieving this may now be about concept development – a key concept: Data Storytelling. How can this help? Here we tell you. Before moving on to why it is very effective for companies, it is important to know the definition of the concept. Data storytelling, as GlobalWebIndex points out, is about generating connections using data as the source that guides the brand. Whether used to shape a unique brand identity or to generate an impact marketing campaign, data storytelling gives brands the opportunity to capture attention in a way that is entirely focused on the target audience. The stories that are formed in this way are the ones that bring brands to life.

To put it in a simpler way, the firm Analítica Web points out that the so-called data storytelling is nothing more than a structured approach on how insights are communicated from data, this approach uses data, visualization and narrative, and the combination of These elements derive in different results, for example, the sum of the narrative and the data allows to “explain”, the sum of the visualization and the data, allows to “illustrate”, and the sum of the narrative with the visualization provides as a result the “Engagement”. The sum of the three elements results in the concept of “change”. As we highlighted recently ( https://www.merca20.com/data-scientist-funciones-que-por-que/ ) data science or data science consists of the practice of revealing hidden insights in existing data even a way that enables companies to make better decisions, it is a concept that can help improve the performance and growth of a business.

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Transforming data into graphs, tables, or similar formats means that data can be viewed as before. Visualizations are now possible and better thanks to solutions from emerging technologies that Phone Number List help us understand significant amounts of collected information. The data visualizations by themselves have limitations, therefore, the third field of expression is the narrative. Within data storytelling, the narrative can be considered the most important element. The narrative uses language in a format that adapts to certain needs in particular, increasing the understanding of new information, it is the key vehicle to transmit insights.

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