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Kind of like a word press plugin. Buttons that allow you to display the products you want and automatically create a shopping cart through ‘s secure shopping cart platform. With also allows you to turn your smartphone into a payment terminal. All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone or tablet and you’re done. You will be able to sell your products while traveling. Such as at trade shows and other events. Finally. You can also access reports and even offer gift cards and other discount codes to prospects and customers. Smaller whoever talks about a streamlined package must have limited functionality. With this “skinny” package. You’ll soon be limited to the operation and deployment of a true .

Online store. To lift these restrictions. You Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers must upgrade to a higher offer. The basic plan basic is the first “true” paid offer from e-commerce software. It brings together all the basic functions necessary for the proper functioning of an online selling store. These include in particular: creation of an e-commerce site unlimited product launch 2 employee accounts with access to the admin interface customer support at all times sales channels to sell their products on online marketplaces and social networks ssl certificate recovery system allowing to limit cart abandonment. 4 brick-and-mortar store inventory locations unlimited contacts marketing automation tools basic level reporting fraud detection .

System The Basic

Plan used also includes hosting their e-commerce website and getting a domain name of type. The latter costs €27 per month. And the subscription must be renewed every 30 days. The most basic plan is ideal for small businesses and small online businesses just starting out. And he is widely used in dropshipping. The same is true for those who record one-time and occasional sales. Also. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the various features of this tool before upgrading to a higher subscription. Smaller’s basic plan is also the plan with the highest commission level. Although it is the cheapest. For this package. If you go through a payment gateway other than the one offered by .

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers
The platform will charge 2% of the total sales. In this case 0%. Regardless of the package chosen). Therefore. Stores with more or less low turnover and wishing to use paypa. Stripe or amazon pay as payment gateways will be penalized. Also. Since employees only have access to 2 accounts. This can lead to administrative issues. Offer this is the average offer most sellers prefer for their online store. Again. I’m not going to expand on all the features offered. Which are basically the same as the previous offer. However. Delivery and transaction costs are slightly lower due to better negotiated commission rates. Again. Adding more options makes the user experience more enjoyable. Providing you with more .

You Will Be

Specifically entitled to: all features of the basic offer 5 staff accounts 5 inventory slots standard level reporting the package is 79 euros per month and the renewal system is the same as the previous plan. The same goes for your website hosting as well as the type of domain name. Most of this well-known platform for creating very dynamic e-commerce sites is aimed at companies and merchants in the growth stage. That is. For sellers who are already online and have a certain number of products to sell. It also provides enough employee accounts to form a small team without each member encroaching on another member’s work. This finding is also the same in terms of the number of .

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