Communication Agencies in Tours

If you are starting a business in Tours or Indre-et-Loire, the following article should be of interest to you.

We have in fact identified the 15 best communication agencies present in the capital of Touraine, which will be able to take charge of all your communication projects, whether it is the creation of your brand identity and your logo, development of your website or the implementation of your digital and print advertising campaigns.

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BTG is a communication agency created in Tours in 2011, which carries out innovative graphic projects adapted to its clients. Specialized in print communication (visual identity, creation of logos, business cards, flyers, layout, etc.) and web (web design, digital communication, responsive design, e-mailing campaigns, etc.), BTG teams offer tailor-made services for each of their clients, taking into account their needs and the particularities of their sector of activity. The agency also offers Jamaica WhatsApp Number List communication strategy consulting and personalized communication plans.

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Established in the city of Tours since 2012, ARJ Com supports local businesses in all their communication projects thanks to efficient and innovative solutions. ARJ Com’s teams of experts provide 360 ​​° services ranging from the creation of your visual identity to the referencing of your site, including the management of your social networks. In terms of print communication, the agency is able to create all types of media: business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, catalogs, etc.

Tribu and Co
Tribu and Co is a communication agency in Tours which is at the service of your brand and its online reputation. The agency can ensure all aspects of your communication: logo creation, graphic charter, web marketing, natural referencing and even the creation of your website. Thanks to the quality services of Tribu and Co’s teams, your brand will develop its visibility on the internet and your e-commerce site traffic will soar.


Based in many cities in France, including Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes and Rennes, the communication agency Mediapilote is also present in Tours. You can rely on the skills and experience of its Touraine team to carry out your communication projects with confidence and achieve your goals. It can brilliantly support your communication strategy as well as the creation and implementation of all your communication media (print, brand identity, video, digital device, website creation and referencing, etc.).

Addictic is a communication agency in Tours specializing in digital and endowed with skills that will allow your company to define and carry out a global communication strategy: web marketing, graphic design, web development, mobile applications, video and motion design. Its teams of experts in all these fields are also appreciated for their efficiency in project management.

The agency also offers consulting and coaching services to improve your knowledge in the field of digital communication.

G as an idea

G comme une Idea is a web and print communication studio which aims to support brands in all aspects of their communication, whether internal, marketing, corporate or event. A creative, attentive and collaborative agency, G comme une Idea can create an effective visual identity for your brand and thus boost its visibility. The agency’s developers can also take care of the redesign or creation of your website.

Useful is an agency specializing in consulting and communication strategy in Tours which offers creative and effective solutions to boost the visibility of your business. The Useful team offers you impactful print media capable of bringing out your brand (logo, graphic charter, posters, brochure, brochure, signage, etc.), but also digital tools to reach your online audience (website, newsletter, emailing, SEO, maintenance and monitoring, responsive design). Useful also supports its clients on social networks and can produce tailor-made videos.

L&B synergy
L&B Synergie is a cross media communication and consulting agency in Tours. In terms of Branding, it defines the positioning and brand identity of your company using a methodology that respects and reflects your values, based on three pillars: meaning, appearance and experience. The agency is also specialized in the development of mobile applications and the creation of websites capable of generating traffic and operating as autonomously as possible, as well as in the organization of events (seminars, open houses, B2B, trade fair, etc.).


Ideka is a communications agency in Tours that has promoted a global approach to communication and has supported Indre-et-Loire companies for over twenty years. Among its areas of expertise, we find advertising in all its forms (radio, press, posters, e-mailing, POS, Social Ads, Google Ads, etc.), communication and strategy for all your digital media , as well as services that will optimize your website and enhance your products and services (creation of showcase and e-commerce sites, SEO, administration, performance monitoring).

As it should
Com’il se faut is a communications agency based in Tours which offers a wide range of services tailored to the objectives and requirements of its clients. The agency, an expert in print creation, can produce your graphic charter, your sales brochure, your posters and many other communication media on paper. Its team also has extensive experience in the field of digital solutions, and can create a tailor-made site for you, showcase or merchant. Com’il se must also manage the social networks of its customers who so desire.

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