Communication Agencies in Rouen

Is your company looking for a communication agency in Rouen? Here is our top 15 of the best communication agencies in the city of Seine-Maritime in 2021, to meet all your needs in this area, whether it is advice, logo creation, visual identity or even the overall management of your long-term communication strategy.

Works Agency

Works Agency is a communication agency in Rouen certified Google Partner. It is also originally specialized in SEO and the acquisition of qualified traffic, but has developed its expertise in the main communication professions. Its teams are therefore able to support all your global communication projects, from the analysis of needs to the choice of distribution channels, and ensure the realization of all the artistic and creative elements that your company needs for boost its visibility: graphic charter, business cards, posters, videos, digital and print advertising, and.

2- Dopamine 360
Dopamine 360 ​​offers you all the essential and necessary services for the realization of your communication projects, and much more, with for example the creation of websites, SEO services and digital marketing (content creation, Google campaigns Ads and PPC, emailing, etc.). This communication agency based in Rouen can provide all your communication needs, thanks in particular to its expertise in the field of video, photo, graphics and print (visual identity, creation of logo, brochures, posters ).


Asteria is a communication and marketing consulting agency located in Rouen which offers 360 ° strategic support for companies wishing to benefit from a global communication plan. The Asteria teams start with an audit of your current communication and establish a benchmark of the competition in your sector of activity. They then use the best levers, whether digital, print, video, events, to convey your company’s message and increase Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List local and national visibility, always adapting the tools chosen according to your targets and your objectives.

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4- Yota
Established in Rouen since 2006, the Yota communication agency offers advice, print and web services, and has a talented team in the field of graphics and creation, whose objective is to work on your brand image. and your message. Yota, always attentive to your needs, can support your company throughout its communication project, from idea to delivery, in the field of print or the web.

5- Granit Communication
Granit Communication defines itself as a communication agency “creator of memories”. Founded in Rouen more than 15 years ago, it supports businesses and SMEs across Normandy in their communication projects, locally or internationally. Its three main activities are press relations (drafting of press releases and press kits, multichannel media monitoring, organization of press briefings, etc.), corporate events (conventions, seminars, exhibitions, inaugurations, product launches , etc.) and media planning (implementation of advertising campaigns, street marketing operations, etc.)


The Imaginactif communication agency offers to support your business to improve the notoriety of your brand and the visibility of your offer and your know-how. The experts from the Seine-Maritime agency listen to their clients and know how to analyze their project in order to set up a communication plan which will act as a real lever for development. By analyzing your positioning and defining your vision, the Imaginactif agency will design a tailor-made communication strategy capable of increasing the notoriety of your company.

7- Strategy Agency
With the Strategy Agency, your company will be able to set up a truly impactful communication strategy. Depending on your objectives and the brand image you want to convey, the Rouen communication agency will use all the talent of its team of graphic designers and communication strategy specialists to create your logo, your graphic charter, and all your web and print media. Agence Stratégies also offers services in the field of marketing strategy, which include SEO optimization, SEA campaigns and community management.

8- VEO Communication
Communication is a communication agency based in Rouen capable of creating an original and relevant visual identity for your company and all the graphic elements that go with it: logo, colors, font, typography, etc. VEO teams will use all possible print and digital levers in line with your digital marketing strategy. VEO teams can also ensure the creation of your website and provide tailor-made web design and SEO optimization services.


Cabyne is a design studio in Rouen which works for many VSEs and SMEs in Seine-Maritime and Normandy. This agency offers you a global, original and creative vision with a view to boosting the visual communication of your business. Thanks to their expertise in branding (strategy, naming, brand identity) and in the creation of visual content (photos, videos, graphic design, motion design), to their perfect knowledge of web and print media, Cabyne’s teams will improve the visibility of your brand locally and nationally.

10- Kstudio
Kstudio defines itself as a “global creative studio between Rouen and Paris”. Specialized in communication consulting and in the design of print & digital media, Kstudio can assist your company on all fronts of its communication strategy, with in particular a great expertise in the field of design (artistic direction, identity creation, web / mobile design, print design).

If you have a communication project, tell them what you want and what your goals are and they’ll give you a free quote.

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