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If the questioner receives a negative answer, then the move is passd to the next participant. Errors in identifying needs Let’s summarize and give the most common mistakes that salespeople make in the process of identifying customer needs: Don’t focus on close questions . If the client does not make contact, then it is better to leave him alone, and not to arrange an interrogation; You must discover several needs . Always look for related needs, this will help build customer loyalty and double sales; Do not present the product in the process of identifying needs.

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You can offer an option, but you do not need to praise it. This will only create the illusion of imposition and lack of choice for the client; Be educate. Interrupting a client is the worst mistake a consultant can make when selling and identifying a client’s needs; Stick to your task – selling the product . Don’t let the client Malta Phone Number List get sidetracked and turn the sales process into a session with a psychologist. Your task is to solve the customer’s problem, but only with the help of your product. Thus, we got acquainted with the basic principles of determining the needs of the client in the sales process.

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These principles apply to both face-to-face and telephone sales. MENU SEARCH РЕК АМА Buy Proxy Japan for all browsers and programs! Order Proxy Japan in one click! Fast USA CEO payment. Instant proxy issuance. Find out more home Marketing and Advertising What actions to take to attract customers Views: 109183 Comments: 1 10 May Hello! In this article we will talk about promotions to attract customers. Today you will learn: How to conduct promotions to attract customers ; What types of shares exist and how to come up with a share; How to calculate stock performance.

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