Best Communication Agencies in Clermont-Ferrand

Communication, whether digital, print, internal or external, is a fundamental issue for any company, because it allows you to send clear and precise information and messages to your customers, your prospects or your employees, and above all to develop the visibility of your brand, both in the real and digital world.

If you are looking for a successful communication agency in the city of Clermont-Ferrand and its region, take the time to consult our list of the 15 best communication agencies in the Auvergne capital.

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SAS Communication

SAS Communication is a creative and digital communication agency based in Clermont-Ferrand since 2010. It can develop and implement all aspects of your communication, from design and strategy to graphic design, including marketing. Their team is made up of graphic and print creation enthusiasts, and talented designers and developers capable of creating your logo, visual identity, all your advertising campaigns and even your new France WhatsApp Number List website. In the field of printed communication, SAS Communication can edit and print all your communication media: posters, packaging, paper and textile media, etc.

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Twenty two
Vingt Deux is a communications and marketing consulting agency located in Clermont-Ferrand that works with all types of local businesses: traders, SMEs, start-ups and large groups. The Clermont-Ferrand agency can support your business in developing an effective brand strategy that achieves the goals set. Its teams of experts can also ensure the implementation and deployment of your digital marketing strategy using a wide variety of levers: social media, brand content, SEO, SEA, SEM, targeted advertising, acquisition, etc. The developers of Vingt Deux are also able to design your mobile application and your website.


Here is a communications agency in Clermont-Ferrand that knows how to put all its talent and creativity at the service of its clients, with performance and results always in focus. Considering that a website is the backbone of an effective communication strategy, the agency’s developers will be able to create a tailor-made website or mobile application for your business, working on all the fundamental aspects: technical, design graphics, UX, SEO, etc. Like any good communication agency, Numéria can ensure the creation of your communication media, whether it is your logo, your visual identity or your graphic charter.

This creative communication agency is based in Brezet, in the suburbs of Clermont-Ferrand and it can support your company in all its communication projects with a tailor-made approach and strategy. Competent in both print and digital media, the team of Com’Commerce enthusiasts offers you a full range of services and services that will boost your brand image through impactful visuals and solutions tailored to your business, which whether on social networks, via events or press relations.


Floricom is a global communication agency located in Clermont-Ferrand which offers an impressive range of services to support all your communication projects: advice and strategy (communication plan, project management, brand strategy), visual identity ( logotype, branding, graphic charter), creation of print and web advertising media (posters, flyers, business cards, web banner, Instagram template, etc.), not to mention content writing, website creation and management of your social media. The agency is made up of a dynamic and attentive team that works with a diverse clientele, throughout Auvergne.

6-Vice Versa
Founded in 1988, the communication agency Vice Versa has four main areas of expertise: print and digital communication strategy, graphic creation, web and motion design. Its creative teams know all the tricks of the creation of animated films, from writing the screenplay and making the storyboard to making the video. The agency can also optimize all aspects of your website and your mobile application to make them ever more functional and efficient, via services capable of improving web design, UX, UI, and the ergonomics of your main selling tool.

Agence Become

The Become agency, created in 2009 in Clermont-Ferrand, provides businesses in the region with a team of graphic designers, web designers and communication experts for all your com projects. Become articulates its skills in four areas: corporate communication, public communication, political communication and crisis communication, but obviously offers classic services, such as the writing of editorial content, community management, creation of visual identity (logo, charter graphics) and advertising for all media (web, written press, television, radio, etc.).

8- The Dupplex
Le Dupplex is a digital communication agency in Clermont-Ferrand specializing in digital, able to set up communication tools and strategies for your company or your start-up. Its team is expert in the creation of powerful visual identities and efficient showcase and e-commerce websites and provides you with personalized support during all phases of your project, taking into account your objectives and your possibilities. So, whether you want to redo your logo, promote your brand or sell your products online, Le Dupplex can provide you with concrete solutions.


Here is a communication agency in Clermont-Ferrand that will be able to help your business in the following areas: website design, acquisition strategy, SEO and social media, and brand and digital identity construction. In this last area, Ultro employees will be happy to take charge of the creation of a visual identity that sticks to your brand and your sector of activity, and which can be coherent at the graphic level on all your media. digital. This communication agency is also present in Paris, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence.

10-Un Air de Pixel
Un Air de Pixel is a print and digital communication agency based near Clermont-Ferrand, in the town of Aubière. Its team is ready to support all your communication projects, with its skills in graphic design, development, web strategy and of course in pure communication. With 10 years of experience, Un Air de Pixel can for example create your website and a personalized digital strategy according to your objectives and your market. With their creative talent, you are guaranteed to benefit from original and impactful visuals.

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