4 Powerful Ways To Make A geisinger connect

How do you receive messages from the universe? In what ways do you stop what you are doing to listen to the messages? Where in your body do you feel connected to the messages being sent to you? How do you show gratitude for the messages?

“Gracious acceptance is an art… Geisinger connectan art which most never bother to cultivate. We think we have to learn how to give, but we forget about accepting things, which can be much harder than giving… Accepting another  Geisinger connectan person’s gift is allowing him/her to express his/her feelings for you.” Alexander McCall Smith

For me,  Geisinger connectan messages come along every day. I hear them in simple quotes that come along just at the “right” time, I hear them in lyrics to a song especially when I’ve heard the song many times but THIS time I am really listening,

I hear them in certain words that people use that get my attention, I hear them in stories that clients tell me or stories that I read, or when emotion and energy are high. These messages are the ones that let me know that I am about to Geisinger connectan  learn something and really need to pay attention.

I recently met someone that my soul connected with quickly and deeply. I wasn’t looking for this kind of connection and I wasn’t prepared for it when it came. I remember saying to this person upon our first face to face encounter Geisinger connectan  how weird I was feeling at the moment we hugged “hello” because I felt like I had known him all my life. I felt peaceful and alive.

I was easily able to maintain eye contact with him during the entire time we were in conversation, I was not distracted at all by what was going on around me, I recognized little things we had in common, passions for causes larger than ourselves that were in complete synchronicity to our life purposes,

we connected in the same kind of spiritual/life language that each of us spoke and our curiosity  Geisinger connectan about life itself seemed very much aligned. It was powerful for me because I had never known a connection like this in my life.

The connection for me was undeniable and I know it will stay with me forever. I’d like to believe that the purpose for our encounter was to exchange an energy vibration that we each needed to recognize in order to move forward  Geisinger connectan with our own life purpose. We are not friends or colleagues or acquaintances.

As quickly as the connection was made it was gone. We were just two souls passing through each other’s lives for an oh so brief moment and I believe that the  Geisinger connectan purpose was to leave a message. For me the message was to stay open, live with passion, receive with humility and gratitude, consider everything that comes my way and pay it .

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